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DUI/DWI Defense

DUI refusal test BAC blow blood drugs locked up probation

Defending DUI/DWI cases is the bedrock of our practice.  DUI/DWI cases are unique in that officers need extensive, specialized training to properly and accurately conduct DUI/DWI or drunk driving investigations.  Likewise, successfully defending these cases requires the same specialized training and the experience to know how to effectively use it.  As a former DUI/DWI prosecutor, Attorney Owens has the skills and expertise to scrutinize every aspect of the DUI/DWI investigation to aggressively leverage any weakness in the State's case to your advantage.

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Felony/Complex Criminal Defense

Jury, trial, armed robbery, judge, cocaine, defendant, murder, custody, bond, drugs, assault, dealer

When you are charged with a serious crime, the stakes are at their highest.  The State has virtually unlimited resources - money, investigators, huge support staffs, and the power of arrest - to use against you. To give yourself the best opportunity at a favorable outcome, you'll need an attorney with the expertise and experience to counter the State's awesome resource advantage.  As both a former Senior Assistant District Attorney and a felony defense attorney, Attorney Owens has tried dozens of felonies, ranging in seriousness from simple drug possession up to armed robbery and murder, with outstanding results.

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Misdemeanor Criminal Defense

weapon, gun, battery, possession criminal trespass, theft, shoplifting, domestic violence simple CCW

Although generally considered "less serious" than a felony, misdemeanors can still have a devastating impact on your present and future.  In addition to the possibility of jail and hefty fines, any criminal conviction could limit future job, education, and housing prospects.  Attorney Owens recognizes that these cases aren't "less serious" to his clients and works just as aggressively on these cases to achieve the outcomes his clients need.

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